Integrated Logistics Insights

Why Freight Shipping Quotes Don't Tell the Whole Story

Revenue Management Transportation Management
Requesting freight shipping quotes is a daily task in the logistics management world. No matter the type of shipment—whether international or domestic, LTL or truckload—these quotes are looked to as a guide for how much each shipment will...
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Reduce Freight Shipping Costs with Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Revenue Management
Freight shipping costs can take a significant bite out of sales revenue. The average cut is 10-11 percent for companies with revenues of less than $250 million and 2-3 percent for companies with revenues exceeding $9 million.
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What Costs Are You Overlooking in Your Transportation Logistics?

Revenue Management
Freight is often thought of as a transaction. Businesses seek the carrier that offers the lowest freight quote and can help them conserve on costs for transportation logistics.
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The Value of a 3PL Provider

Transportation Management Revenue Management
Managing day-to-day transportation services is a challenging task. While internal teams provide some degree of support, organizations often require additional resources to effectively manage their supply chain. This need has become more prevalent...
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