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The Evolution of 3PL Shipping with Supply Chain Trends

Logistics Trends

The foundation of 3PL shipping has always been to deliver freight with the greatest level of quality and care. But with bustling markets, technological advancements and increasing consumer demands, the partnership between 3PL providers and shippers is being reimagined.

As we explore some of the supply chain trends behind this, so to speak, “new normal”, we’ll look at how 3PL shipping practices are adapting to these changes.

Supply Chain Trends: How 3PL Shipping Is Evolving with Them


Thanks in large part to improved communications, businesses have more opportunities to reach new customers and markets on a global scale. While delivering freight to and from these untapped regions can significantly boost profits, it also introduces the challenge of knowing when and where products should be on an international level.

That’s why 3PL providers like IL2000 have prioritized end-to-end visibility in their transportation management system. Shippers have the means to easily track both domestic and international shipments, as well as generate detailed reports that monitor the delivery performance of carriers and vendors. These metrics can be leveraged as part of future decisions on how to improve global logistics operations.

Tighter Restrictions

The advent of electronic logging devices has marked a pivotal point in supply chain management. With the potential to eliminate between 200,000 to 300,000 trucks, businesses are facing much tighter truck capacities and a jump in freight shipping costs.

To navigate through these tighter restrictions, 3PL providers are combining their logistics expertise with business intelligence tools. At IL2000, our logistics planners help negotiate competitive 3PL shipping rates from carriers and provide customers with detailed insight into carrier strengths and weaknesses. We also leverage supply chain data to better forecast the future of the marketplace and plan actionable improvements to your transportation operations.

“The Amazon Effect”

Executing fast deliveries has become a trademark of Amazon. As consumers grow accustomed to this quick turnaround of products and 24/7 ability, the pressure mounts for supply chain professionals across a variety of industries.

In the world of 3PL shipping, proper inventory management can make a world of difference in meeting these demands. Through transportation analyses and innovative technology, IL2000 helps businesses ensure that shipping details are communicated to warehouses in a clear and concise way. This allows orders to be picked up quickly and pushed out the door fast.

The added benefit of 24-hour customer service further maintains the quality and care of your shipments. Whether you need to create a shipment or resolve a service issue, the IL2000 team is here to make sure your 3PL shipping happens in a timely and reliable fashion.

With a transparent view of profitability and the right resources on hand, you can significantly lower your freight shipping costs and boost your business. Download a free copy of our latest ebook to learn more.



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