Integrated Logistics Insights

Reduce Freight Shipping Costs with Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Revenue Management
Freight shipping costs can take a significant bite out of sales revenue. The average cut is 10-11 percent for companies with revenues of less than $250 million and 2-3 percent for companies with revenues exceeding $9 million.
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What Costs Are You Overlooking in Your Transportation Logistics?

Revenue Management
Freight is often thought of as a transaction. Businesses seek the carrier that offers the lowest freight quote and can help them conserve on costs for transportation logistics.
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Why Your Company Needs Flexible Logistics Solutions

Logistics Technologies
It’s no secret that inefficiencies can negatively impact business operations. But what might not be as apparent is exactly how much revenue they can cause companies to lose. As the market research firm IDC notes, companies miss out on 20 to 30...
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The Value of a 3PL Provider

Revenue Management Transportation Management
Managing day-to-day transportation services is a challenging task. While internal teams provide some degree of support, organizations often require additional resources to effectively manage their supply chain. This need has become more prevalent...
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Electronic Logging Devices: Preparing for the Future

Logistics Trends
It was just a few months ago — December 16, 2017 to be exact — that the trucking industry underwent a big transition. The electronic logging device mandate issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) went into effect,...
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A Transportation Management System that Reduces Costs

Transportation Management
Transportation management systems (TMS) are a crucial piece of the logistics puzzle. By swapping in automated processes for manual efforts, these platforms help streamline transportation operations and deliver cost savings. In fact, according to...
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